5G is the newest generation of mobile connections, offering faster data upload and download speeds when using the internet. The greater use of radio waves allows more mobile devices to access the internet at the same time. 5G is considered to become the new standard for mobile and data connectivity, speed and capabilities. 


The new technology will be up to 1,000 times faster than the current 4G connectivity network with more reliability, reduced energy usage and allows faster processing on a large scale. Telecom businesses will feel the most benefits from this new technology due to its high capacity and low latency levels.



What will it enable us to do?


WIth new technology, things become faster and better, and this is no different for the 5G Network. Therefore, vehicle drivers will have the ability to communicate with each other and access traffic data and read live maps. As a result, videos on mobile devices will become less glitched and video calls will become higher quality.


Telecommunications organisations will have the ability to create new revenue streams through the use of 5G service providers. They can monetise their network to suit a variety of scenarios, through the adaption of delivery processes.

What are the benefits of 5G for businesses?

Maximise Country Coverage-


As the demand increases for the 5G network, carriers will have to upgrade their core networks to allow advanced services, which are funded by previous investments. Moreover, the increased speed and availability will reap more benefits for those in rural areas as well.


Expand high-speed availability-


Carriers can connect rural and dense urban areas to high-speed broadband through fixed wireless fibre-optic lines access to ensure the fastest speed of service. With speed transmissions reaching 15 to 20 Gbps, the intensifying use of cloud services will use less memory on a mobile or computing device allowing data to be readily available at any time.


Increased capacity-


5G has the ability to deliver 1000x more than the current 4G network. Additionally, it has the ability for 1000’s of devices to seamlessly communicate with each other, new apps and usage for cities, factories, schools and homes.


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