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Broadband Fibre and Connectivity

Being connected is essential for good communications. At Telecom Solutions, we only work with the a select number of business broadband and fibre providers to make sure you have the best internet connection available.


We understand that businesses rely on a fast, uninterrupted connection for their internet connection and with the increased use of cloud storage and as-a-service software, a first-class service is now essential. We believe that finding a reliable service needn’t be stressful, which is why we only deal with premier business broadband and fibre suppliers, enabling you to focus on running your business.

Personal Relationships with Suppliers

Our team of specialists manage every aspect of your order with our suppliers, delivering a service that prides itself on saving you money and providing the support you need.


From the growing use of smartphones to the overlap of data, we believe that fast business broadband shouldn’t be a luxury for a chosen few.


Feel Secure with Telecom Solutions

With years of experience in providing our clients with the best business broadband solutions, we are here to help keep you online without disruption.


In our technological world, it’s vital for businesses to maintain a high level of service while staying online. Indeed, with one of our recommended broadband packages, you can enjoy a quick, reliable and unbeatable service that is unmatched by many.

What is the difference?

Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC)

For businesses that need guaranteed speeds, there’s the option of Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet (EoFTTC). This offers high quality Ethernet connectivity at up to 80Mbps, but more importantly, it has guaranteed contention, so you always get the same speed regardless of peak times.

Ethernet over final mile (EFM)

If you need a dedicated connection, Ethernet over final mile (EFM) offers a constant speed and unlimited usage. The connection is carried over pairs of copper wire, so if one pair fails, there’s built-in redundancy to keep the connection working.


FTTP means that the entire internet connection is carried over fibre optic cable from the exchange to your premises and is therefore able to offer speeds of up to 100Mbps and even more. Because the connection is dedicated to your business, you’ll always get a fast connection and be able to transmit unlimited amounts of data.

Fit for Purpose Suppliers

Whether you’re expanding your business or starting a network from scratch in a new location, you need a reliable supplier that can handle the whole spectrum, from wired and wireless LAN services and internet connections through to wide area communication. Your supplier also needs to understand the increasing overlap between data and voice communication, as the growing use of VoIP telephone systems and smartphones allows mobile employees access to business systems, wherever they are.

Feel Secure with Telecom Solutions

Telecom Solutions can do all of the above and our professional staff have a wealth of experience in providing cloud solutions, business mobiles, broadband connections, IT support, telephone systems, WAN connections and more to companies across the UK. We specialise in reliable and secure business internet connectivity across the whole spectrum of devices.


Businesses are now more reliant on information technology and tech, meaning that IT infrastructure and data networks are crucial parts to any organisation. With technology consistently evolving, businesses and organisations can expand their presence and reach out to a wider network of customers and clients, helping them to maximise potential and profits.

What our customers say

  • Leased Line, Fibre & Phone System

    “Provided an excellent, rapid and proactive service”

    James Price, CEO and Founder of Everything Genetic Ltd

  • Mobile Handset Contract Renewal

    “Excellent service from a trusted team!”

    Jonathan Shire, Finance Manager, Fuzzy Duck Creative Ltd

  • First-Class Service

    “They are very helpful and knowledgeable and make sure you get the right deal.”

    Sharon Chartress, MOOD Design

  • Business Cloud Telephony Solutions

    “I can’t recommend them highly enough.”

    John McKenzie, John McKenzie Counselling

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