Meet the Telecom Solutions Team

Head of Sales Steve Butler

Meet Steve Butler

Our Head of Sales at Telecom Solutions. Steve is only ever one phone call away and is always happy to help.


Provisioning Manager Nicola Lomas

Meet Nicola Lomas

Our Provisioning Manager at Telecom Solutions. With over 7 years service at Telecom Solutions, Nicola has a proven track record in account management and is passionate about providing the highest levels of service via a combination of a highly skilled team and effective business systems. This approach ensures customers always have the right answers, in the right way, at the right time.


Head of Business Development Jo Hawkins

Meet Jo Hawkins

Our head of Business Development at Telecom Solutions, Jo makes our new business transition the easiest it can be for you. We want you to feel supported throughout your account set-up with regular communication and guidance, she always prioritises partnership over contracts.


Digital Rockstar Charlotte Solomon

Meet Charlotte Solomon

Our Digital Rockstar at Telecom Solutions, who has over 20 years of Marketing experience and has joined to the team to help us improve our digital footprint.


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