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Vehicle Tracking Devices

Be it our automatic tracking software, or our expert data analysis, Telecom Solutions are industry leaders when it comes to vehicle tracking devices.


Our vehicle tracking devices can inform you in real time about the whereabouts of a car or van and where it’s heading. Also, with our detailed reporting software, you’re able to go back and review past journeys, maps and movement times

Vehicle Tracking Devices Save Your Business Money

Vehicle tracking devices can save your business money by reducing journey times, fuel consumption and reduce customer complaints; they’re also cheaper than you may think.


Valuable Asset, Trailer Tracking and Stolen Vehicle Recovery

It’s important, if you’re a haulage company, for example, to protect your trailers, keep valuable goods under constant surveillance and ensure your drivers’ security. Indeed, some insurance companies even take tracker systems into consideration when calculating your policy, while a vehicle tracking device have been shown to speed up recovery at times of theft.

Fleet and Field Service Management

By ensuring the whereabouts of your drivers, you can reliably inform customers of expected delivery times, therefore improving customer relations.


Furthermore, if you work in a maintenance or call out-specific industry, a vehicle tracking device lets you check and pinpoint the exact location of your employees.

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