Why are Virgin Media and O2 merging?

John Malone, owner of Liberty Global, the owner of Virgin Media in the US has anticipated in getting the businesses ready to cope with the new 5G concept for the future. 

O2, the UK’s largest mobile phone operator has around 36.6 million customers across its networks, including giffgaff, Tesco Mobile, Sky Mobile and Lycamobile. However, Virgin Media has around 5.3 million customers.

The two firms have recently signed a £31 billion merger deal together, however there are concerns that customers may see a spike in prices regarding their telecoms bill. The deal brings together two of the biggest broadband and mobile phone operators in the UK a year after plans were first revealed.

At the time the deal was announced, the companies said it would create a “full converged platform” for customers, and will mean an investment of £10 billion in the UK over the next five years. This is a positive for all customers as full coverage will allow customers to access the network anytime and anywhere.


What does this mean for your phone and broadband bill?

There are many positives within this merger for customers. Virgin Media and O2 customers will be able to access 5G who haven’t been able to in the past. Virgin Media struck a deal with Vodafone to use their 5G network so that their customers don’t miss out on the benefits of this new and faster network, now including O2 customers.


Virgin Media wants to keep their existing broadband and TV customers away from rival suppliers like BT for other services, so this could mean more deals when customers move their SIM-only plan or pay-monthly phone contract in-house. Usually, buying your mobile and home broadband from the same supplier should be cheaper.

There will be exclusive deals the two companies will be able to offer, which could include offering cheaper access to Virgin Mobile TV streaming content on your phone.


Do customers need to do anything right now?

Nothing has changed for O2 or Virgin Media customers and they do not have to take any action right now. Once the deal is completed this year, they are likely to start seeing more offers comprising broadband, pay-TV and mobile plans from across the two firms. EE and BT customers have seen similar offers since the two merged in 2016.


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