In 1979, IBM was announced to be one of the first fortune 500 companies who allowed employees to work remotely, IBM found their system to be so successful, by 2009 40% of their 386,000 employees worked from the comfort of their own homes.


So it’s not all doom and gloom, working from home can have a very positive impact on your business! Here at Telecom Solutions, we have listed our 7 life hacks on how to increase productivity when working from home.



1. Get ready!


Go and put on some real pants. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of rolling out of bed and straight onto the computer/laptop. However, changing into a ‘work’ friendly outfit will help with your routine and mindset to working from home. You’re also better prepared for when the postman turns up at your door or you get a surprise Zoom call from your boss!



2. Make sure you have reliable business mobiles


This one is key to successfully working from home! There’s nothing worse than losing connection in the middle of a call or being overcharged for the current business mobiles that you are using. At Telecom Solutions we can take care of all your communication needs by either auditing your existing business mobiles plan or starting you a fresh one with the best phones and deals on the market.



3. Set some ground rules


Just because you are working from home does not mean you have to do all of the housework. If you are taking breaks, this does not mean you have to clean the house during those breaks. Try to actually use them as breaks wherever possible! Set yourself boundaries so that you know that between certain hours you are dedicated to working, even if you take small coffee breaks and sanity checks in between!



4. Check your broadband connectivity


This might seem like an obvious one, but to be able to work from home effectively your business broadband needs to be reliable and fast. There are various products available to meet the needs of different sizes of enterprises, and with the ever-changing rules and regulations, we can audit your business at any time to see if your broadband connectivity is up to scratch.



5. Meal preparation


It can be so easy to snack all day, sip coffee, munch on Doritos… it hits 5 o’clock and you’re starving, so you go to raid the kitchen or call a takeaway! Sound familiar? Try to plan what you eat and when you eat it – you could even set alarms on your phone/laptop to remind you.



6. Invest in your workspace


This could be something as simple as popping a nice photo-frame on your desk or investing in an LED ring light to make your video calls really POP!



7. Check in with your team


Last but not least, check in with your team. Whether it’s a 5-minute call daily or a weekly 1-hour call, make sure your team has a regular slot where the team can catch up. The more consistent you are with when you communicate with your team, the more easily this can become part of their daily/weekly routine.


There you have it, 7 of our top tips for working from home tips that can shape you into being a better remote worker!


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