EE have recently introduced business plans for SMEs. These plans now include choice, network reliability and flexibility and control. There are now 3 updated EE Business Plans:


The Team Plan: 

The team plan is an aggregated data tariff with unlimited voice that gives customers scalability and bill predictability.


How does it work? 

The size of the shared central pot grows both as the number of users and the number in the fleet grow. There is no sharer access fee.  As a result, each user contributes equal monthly data allowance to the central shared pot. The pot will be shared amongst the users and some users may use more data than others. There is no overage pay for users, if data use spikes, customers wont be charged for the extra data used. Therefore, customers are automatically moved up or down to the next data contribution tier at the end of a quarter. The customer will never move below their original contracted tier. 


The Shared Plan: 

Traditional shared voice and data plan with account level billing.


How does it work? 

A single pot of data will be shared across the team. Simply choose a data allowance and how many users will share it, so everyone gets the appropriate amount of data they need.


The Individual Plan: 

Dedicated data and unlimited voice with variants for non personal devices.


How does it work?

Customers will have a dedicated data allowance with unlimited talk and text. Moreover, this will appeal to businesses where they may have staff that they want to treat differently. As well as that, it allows you to vary the data bundle size by user- where different people have different sizes. This also allows customers to buy allowances / pay for data at a cost centre level. This means you have a consistent committed monthly price.


Some things to note:



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