It has been announced that in 2025 there will be a big switch off of the PSTN and ISDN networks. This will be the biggest change for the telecoms industry for the last 30 years.


How will this affect your business? Keep reading to find out.



The revolutionary change in technology has promoted network change for communication to have a sole online presence for communication. The move from copper to fibre lines has enabled businesses to achieve better quality calls with the breakdown of these networks beginning in 2023 and the final big switch off happening in 2025.



So what is the PSTN Network?

The PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) is the original phone line used within households and businesses. The analogue copper network allowed data and voice sounds over circuit-switch lines and was the original primary source of calls and broadband.



So what is the ISDN Network?

The ISDN  (Integrated Services Digital Network) was originally designed to carry digital and voice traffic. This allowed digital data to be transferred more efficiently and empowered the idea of video conference calling, one of the biggest moves during the COVID-19 pandemic. The evolution of broadband lines has predominantly carried voice traffic to businesses who operate with multiple phone lines and require direct dial numbers; allowing users to make multiple calls concurrently.



Why is VoIP the way forward? 

VoIP (voice over internet protocol) is technology composed to enable voice traffic over an internet connection, the future of the telecoms industry and with internet connections widely available in the UK it is becoming the most cost effective method for organisations. Businesses will not have to slowly switch to the VoIP network whilst getting ready for the Big Switch Off.


There are two types of VoIP:


On Premises VoIP: 


On premises VoIP involves SIP trunks, also known as VoIP lines being installed on the premises.


Hosted VoIP: 


Involves the moving of data to a cloud based network which includes desk phones to connect to your local area network. 


There are many benefits to using VoIP services within your business. It can reduce the cost of your rental line, the use of cloud services allows calls to be transferred more efficiently and easily among colleagues allowing clearer phone calls; the major benefit of VoIP is that it is totally scalable to the size of your business, so no need to worry about costs.



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